Terra Purna project is located in 2 ha land between Valencia de Alcántara (Spain) and Marvão (Portugal). 

It is a permaculture design implementation with high level of regeneration and resilience. It includes a forest garden, vegetable gardens, seven interconnected ponds, a big swale, a house, a pantry stone house, a tool storage wood house, a ruin able to recover, water and off-grid energy systems that provides water and electricity to all the farm. It is also an education center that has hosted courses in sustainability topics. 

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After 5 years of experience with the Terra Purna project, we want to follow the journey. We rescued these 2 ha of land from abandonment and erosion and implemented a permaculture design, that includes landscape and social elements. This time here has been an amazing opportunity of learning and we are very thankful of every single moment we passed here in connection with nature and the community around. We have reached a high level of resilience. We consider ourselves as the pioneers that set the stage for the next custodians that want to be part of this eco-social succession. It is the time to allow succession to happen.

Until now Terra Purna was a family based project, including two adults and two children. We consider Terra Purna as an integral life experience, we use permaculture and the social economy as major tools, trying to develop a resilient way of life synchronized with the natural cycles. We also investigate techniques to live in frugal abundance tending toward zero waste.

Elements of Terra Purna merge in a flower with 5 petals.

Selling price is 135.000€. It can change depending on equipment included.

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